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Why do I do this?  I started this business to serve the homeowner who doesn't have the time or means to rent the equipment from the local rental store.  Driving to the rental store, loading the equipment, servicing your lawn, and returning the equipment to the rental store is a hassle and inconvenience!  Finding a lawncare company that will do this type of service in a timely manner is hard to find and often way too expensive.  

Why aerate, dethatch, or overseed? Core aeration is the single most effective way to revitalize your lawn and breathe new life into it. Core aeration reduces soil compaction and thatch, but sometimes the thatch is too thick. In those cases, using a power rake (dethatching a.k.a "thatching") can be very effective in removing the thatch. If your lawn is thinning or has bare spots, overseeding your lawn can be a great way to have a full, thick, lawn.  The illustration at the right explains the basic need for aeration.

A statement about MOSS!!! (my kryptonite)!  My core business model is "lawn maintenance" not  "lawn renovation".  If you have neglected your lawn and have an over abundance of moss, then it is probably better to start from scratch and install an entirely new lawn.  Every PNW lawn has some moss, so kill it with a moss killer or a mixture of white vinegar and water.  It may take multiple applications to finally conquer it, but you will be happy with the results.  My equipment is not designed to remove moss, however it is much easier to dethatch dead moss out of a lawn that has been treated with moss killer.

A statement about overseeding! It is imperative that you manage your lawn after an overseeding service.  I cannot guarantee that your lawn will grow unless you are diligent in managing your lawn in the next three-to-four weeks after the service. If your lawn is not growing after you have done your due diligence, then I would expect some feedback from my customers. I am using a Lesco brand seed specifically designed for overseeding Pacific Northwest lawns.  If it's not working then I need to know.